Fear is a liar

Run free, start a business, practice thoughtful design, collaborate, use your resources, meet people, like really meet people and learn their stories, stay up late, get in your car and just drive, blare music, scream at the top of your lungs, watch the sunrise, don't be scared, spread love, create something, create anything, take a trip, worry less, let your hair grow long.


Style Void: Harness it in

My most recent TopShop purchase.  Can't wait to style this little number over a drapey black dress or a basic white V-neck.



Design Void: If this ain't perfection, then I don't know what is

Designed and styled by Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander.  She seems to have the perfect touch when it comes to positive and negative space; ever so slightly off-balance that it keeps me wanting more and more.

Images via Harvest Agency


Weekend Snaps

A perfect Sunday spent out on the lake with close friends, making magic happen in the setting sun.


Creative Void: Glitter Pills

An art piece that fits in the palm of your hand and speaks volumes about Western medicine, addiction and society.  Forget the over-prescribed anti-depressants.  All you need is a little glitter. I was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of these little pills by the mystical creator herself, Emily Honey aka Barbierawk.

Available at www.eatglitter.com

Image via Instagram
Image via eatglitter.com

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Design Void: JOCKEYbra Boutique

This boutique I recently designed at JGA is finally open for business!  White on white, sleek tile, smooth curves, a dreamy and comforting atmosphere where you can shop and learn all about Jockey's new revolutionary volumetric sizing system.  More info here: www.lisabackus.com

Photos via Jockey

Visual Stimulation

Check out the 29th Void tumblr, catch the vibes, see what inspires me.

Enter the Void

Created in a void with no preconceived notions.
For those who want to live in their own little Wonderland.
For those who answer "is this possible?" with "why not?"
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