Design Void: On Display

Doing some minor updates/re-arranging of my room.  This has been a long time coming.  My shoes have never looked so good.  More to come!


Design Void: Black & White by Kababie Arquitectos

Loving this space by Kababie Arquitectos in Mexico.  Even though the project dates back to 2009, the simple lines and juxtaposition of styles has left it feeling pretty current.  I spotted it as I was perusing Desire to Inspire the other day and had one of those moments where my heart momentarily stopped.  Those moments when something just feels "right" to you. 
I am an especially big fan of the sleek black bed frame, fur rug, Tom Ford book peeking out, and the vintage chest with low hanging chandelier that adds an extra touch of artfulness.


Style Void: Summer's End

Soaking in the last of summer.  The leaves are starting to turn and the air is becoming crisp.  Reflect on your adventures and gypsy-drifting ways.  Transition, change, look inwards.  Fall is on the horizon.

Mesh Crop Top by Windsor | Lace Skirt by Windsor | Mandala Bodychain by 29th Void | Thrifted boots | Leather Fringe Cuff by Featherheart Trading Co.

Photography by Michelle Kopka

Styled by Lisa Backus


Creative Void: Midtown Dog Park Concept by M.Lisk Design

One of my favorite Detroit designers/creative thinkers, Matthew Lisk, is working towards turning an unused lot in Midtown into a safe place where city-dwelling dogs can run free.  As more and more people and their beloved pets are populating this area, the need is definitely increasing.  Check out his concept below and help spread the word so that we can make this a reality!

Matthew and his appropriately named pup, Eames. 

For concept use only | Property of M.Lisk Design, 2013
For more information: matthew.e.lisk@gmail.com


Sound Void: Get Psychedelic

Some tunes for your Saturdaze.  I've been hooked on Temples ever since I heard their single "Shelter Song".  This neo-psych band hailing from England only has a handful of releases, but their sound transports me to another time and place that makes me feel perfectly at home.  Can't wait to catch them live. Check them out below!



Style Void: Leather & Lace

29th Void is now live on Chictopia and Lookbook.  Check out one of my first looks!

Forever 21 Faux Leather Crop Top | Windsor Sheer Lace Maxi Skirt | Madden Girl by Steve Madden Lace-Up boots | Bodychain by 29th Void | Leather Fringe Cuff by Featherheart Trading Co.


Creative Void: The Detroit Connection

Rumi Neely of fashiontoast doing some of her signature poses at Detroit-based Shinola's LA launch party at Ron Herman. 

Photos via Shinola

Style Void: The Perfect Pair

Always a classic - the Floral Stripe Janis Bells by Novella Royale.  I could live in these recycled/vintage stretch fabric pants.  Not only do I love the Novella Royale aesthetic, I also totally look up to owner, Mary Myers, as an entrepreneur living out her dream.  Check out the latest line/releases from Novella Royale here.

Floral Stripe Janis Bells by Novella Royale | Lace bandeau by American Apparel | Tank by h&m | Thrifted boots | Turquoise bodychain by 29th Void | Leather Fringe Cuff by Featherheart Trading Co.
Photography by Michelle Kopka
Styled by Lisa Backus


Design Void: Karl Lagerfield Concept Store

Designed by New York based Plajer & Franz Studio with art direction by Mr. Lagerfield himself.  High contrast, a combination of matte and highly reflective materials, and various subtle visual illusions.  Details here were key.  Located in Paris.


Style Void: Relaxed Fit

Transitioning to cooler weather has me fiending for my comfiest sweats.  These dressed-down looks are dressed up with accessories and scream IDGAF.


Sound Void: Inside I'm Feelin' Dirty

Young Fathers - I Heard

Young Fathers - "I Heard" from anticon. on Vimeo.

Design Void: Long Wool Sofa by Sentient

I just want to roll all around on this sofa designed by Brooklyn, New York's Sentient Furniture.  The reclaimed American oak boards paired with Icelandic lamb wool create the perfect mixture of hard and soft.


Design Void: CVLT PIZZ∆

Located in Grand Rapids, MI and designed by Nice., this little spot is currently on the top of my "Need to Experience" list. 

So, why is CVLT PIZZ∆ part of The Void?  The entire concept is fresh and now and basically something that I thought only existed in my wildest hipster fantasies. An edgy black and white interior/exterior. Unique daily specials.  Makes you feel like you're part of a special secret society.  A delta symbol used for an A.  What's not to like!?

CVLT PIZZ∆ is all about a farm to table artisan product with a focus on sustainability and ethics.  The menu is vegetarian/vegan friendly, but done in a way where you won't be missing the meat if you're a carnivore.  So go ahead. Join The CVLT.

Welcome to The Void, homies!


Photos via Retail Design Blog

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