Style Void: Paint It Black

Feeling simultaneously vampy and springy in this outfit.  Red lipstick, leather, drapey sheer skirt and Western-tinged accessories.  I'm anticipating lots of matching top/skirt combos this Spring and Summer and I'm ready to dive right into this trend.

Leather Crop Top from Forever 21 | Skirt from Love Culture | Belt by Nasty Gal | Boots by Steve Madden |Necklace from H&M | Metal Arrow Cuff from Forever 21 |Feather Earring from Buffalo Exchange | Leather Fringe Cuff by Featherheart Trading Co.


Style Void: Blue Jean Baby Queen

An Alice Cooper concert T-shirt from when I saw him play 8-ish years ago and these perfect, EXTREMELY long Rachel Zoe light-washed bell bottoms.  Not the most ideal pants to run around in slushy city streets, but I can't wait much longer for Spring to arrive.

Faux Leather Jacket by Express | Alice Cooper Concert T-Shirt | Bell Bottom Jeans by Rachel Zoe | Leather Ankle Boots by Sam Edelman |Leather Fringe Cuff by Featherheart Trading Co.


Design Void: Recent Inspiration

Some interiors I'm diggin' lately. Relatively neutral, pops of pattern, a little industrial but softened with natural bricks and woods.  Light and airy.  And a fair amount of matte black.  Enjoy!

Source unknown


Style Void: Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James

I'm going to give this fragrance a review as unbiasedly as an Olsen fangirl can. Yes, I did plan on purchasing one of the two Elizabeth and James releases based on the MK&A association alone, but I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. In fact, Nirvana Black has become the only fragrance I've worn in the past couple months.

Previous to Nirvana Black, I was a Tom Ford Black Orchid wearer. Both scents lean towards a slightly masculine feel, but there is something a little less harsh about Nirvana Black. The scent has notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla and is meant to sit on your skin more like an essential oil would and less like an actual fragrance. I think it does just that, so you may find that the staying power isn't as strong as you're used to with a typical perfume. It also has a subtleness to it that I find totally sexy. It's like you want to be in a dimly lit lounge talking closely with your boo-thang and they might notice this warm and mysterious scent on you.

Overall, the smell is totally comforting (sometimes I even put some on before bed because it's THAT warm & cozy). Makes me feel like I'm in a cabin secluded in the woods at night with a fire going, incense burning and maybe a Stones record playing in the background. Honestly, I could probably wax poetic on this for an hour, so I'll just stop right here and tell ya to check out Nirvana Black if ANY of the above appeals to you.

Get it exclusively at Sephora here!



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Style Void: Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone

A combination of this new kimono that makes me want to frolic in some fields, my favorite vintage t-shirt that I stole from my mom's closet years ago, and my absolute favorite jewelry/accessories that I feel totally naked without.  

In other news: Lykke Li is releasing new music after a 3 year hiatus and I couldn't be more stoked.  She is one of my favorite performers ever (you should see the way she moves live) and I'm also quite sure that she might be my soul-sister.  Check out her newest video for "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone" below.

Floral Kimono by Forever 21 | Vintage WRIF T-shirt | Jeans by Gap | Cutout Boots by Pacsun |Leather Fringe Cuff by Featherheart Trading Co.