Design Void: On Display

Doing some minor updates/re-arranging of my room.  This has been a long time coming.  My shoes have never looked so good.  More to come!


Design Void: Black & White by Kababie Arquitectos

Loving this space by Kababie Arquitectos in Mexico.  Even though the project dates back to 2009, the simple lines and juxtaposition of styles has left it feeling pretty current.  I spotted it as I was perusing Desire to Inspire the other day and had one of those moments where my heart momentarily stopped.  Those moments when something just feels "right" to you. 
I am an especially big fan of the sleek black bed frame, fur rug, Tom Ford book peeking out, and the vintage chest with low hanging chandelier that adds an extra touch of artfulness.


Style Void: Summer's End

Soaking in the last of summer.  The leaves are starting to turn and the air is becoming crisp.  Reflect on your adventures and gypsy-drifting ways.  Transition, change, look inwards.  Fall is on the horizon.

Mesh Crop Top by Windsor | Lace Skirt by Windsor | Mandala Bodychain by 29th Void | Thrifted boots | Leather Fringe Cuff by Featherheart Trading Co.

Photography by Michelle Kopka

Styled by Lisa Backus


Creative Void: Midtown Dog Park Concept by M.Lisk Design

One of my favorite Detroit designers/creative thinkers, Matthew Lisk, is working towards turning an unused lot in Midtown into a safe place where city-dwelling dogs can run free.  As more and more people and their beloved pets are populating this area, the need is definitely increasing.  Check out his concept below and help spread the word so that we can make this a reality!

Matthew and his appropriately named pup, Eames. 

For concept use only | Property of M.Lisk Design, 2013
For more information: matthew.e.lisk@gmail.com