Design Void: CVLT PIZZ∆

Located in Grand Rapids, MI and designed by Nice., this little spot is currently on the top of my "Need to Experience" list. 

So, why is CVLT PIZZ∆ part of The Void?  The entire concept is fresh and now and basically something that I thought only existed in my wildest hipster fantasies. An edgy black and white interior/exterior. Unique daily specials.  Makes you feel like you're part of a special secret society.  A delta symbol used for an A.  What's not to like!?

CVLT PIZZ∆ is all about a farm to table artisan product with a focus on sustainability and ethics.  The menu is vegetarian/vegan friendly, but done in a way where you won't be missing the meat if you're a carnivore.  So go ahead. Join The CVLT.

Welcome to The Void, homies!


Photos via Retail Design Blog

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